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Transient memory loss for people.
  1. N Kapur,
  2. H Katifi,
  3. H el-Zawawi,
  4. M Sedgwick,
  5. S Barker
  1. Wessex Neurological Centre, Southampton, UK.


    A patient had transient memory loss for close family members. She could not even recognise their names as familiar. Her everyday memory was relatively preserved and she retained a clear recollection of the episode. Standard and sleep deprived EEG showed a mild abnormality of the left temporal lobe. Neuropsychological testing found evidence for a mild verbal memory impairment. The findings provide further evidence for the fractionation of transient forms of amnesia, support the dissociation of semantic/retrograde amnesia from episodic/anterograde amnesia, and offer evidence in favour of a left temporal lobe site for retrieval of past memories relating to the identification of people.

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