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Congenital insensitivity to pain: a 20 year follow up.
  1. A J Larner,
  2. J Moss,
  3. M L Rossi,
  4. M Anderson
  1. Midland Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurology, Warley, West Midlands, UK.


The exact nosological status of "congenital insensitivity to pain" remains in doubt. Possible pathological correlates of this clinical syndrome include sensory neuropathy, central lesions at the level of the reticular formation or dorsal horn of the spinal cord, or a central indifference to, or asymbolia for, pain. The reassessment of two members of a kindred previously reported more than 20 years ago as having congenital insensitivity to pain indicated that they in fact had an inherited sensory and autonomic neuropathy. Prolonged follow up and morphometric analysis of sequential nerve biopsies may be necessary to definitively establish this diagnosis.

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