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Right hemisphere learning disability associated with left hemisphere dysfunction: anomalous dominance and development.
  1. T A Sandson,
  2. D S Manoach,
  3. B H Price,
  4. D Rentz,
  5. S Weintraub
  1. Behavioural Neurology Unit, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA 02215.


    Two patients are described with the social emotional processing disorder, a developmental syndrome usually ascribed to right hemisphere dysfunction. In these two patients however, neurological examinations, EEG, and neuroimaging studies were all consistent with left hemisphere dysfunction. Both patients were left handed and had findings suggestive of anomalous dominance for language. It is proposed that early left hemisphere injury may have resulted in functional reorganisation that allowed sparing of language and motor skills but interfered with the development of functions that the right hemisphere normally subserves.

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