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Non-ketotic hyperglycaemic chorea: a SPECT study.
  1. M H Chang,
  2. J Y Li,
  3. S R Lee,
  4. C Y Men
  1. Section of Neurology, Veterans General Hospital-Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


    OBJECTIVE: To study regional blood flow of the striatum in non-ketotic hyperglycaemic choreic patients. METHODS: Brain SPECT was performed with intravenous injection of 20 mCi 99mTc hexamethylpropylene amineoxime in six non-ketotic hyperglycaemic choreic patients and 10 age matched patients with a similar level of hyperglycaemia without chorea as a control. The focal perfusion defects were analysed by visual interpretation and semiquantitative determination with reference to homolateral occipital blood flow. RESULTS: The measured blood flow of striatum on the contralateral side of chorea was significantly decreased. CONCLUSIONS: Hypometabolism of the striatum is seen not only in Huntington's disease, but also in non-ketotic hyperglycaemic chorea. Hypofunction of the striatum is a possible common pathogenesis in the development of contralateral chorea in different diseases. Furthermore, the sensitivity and reliability of SPECT is as good as PET in assessing choreic patients.

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