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Location of the human posterior eye field with functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  1. R M Müri,
  2. M T Iba-Zizen,
  3. C Derosier,
  4. E A Cabanis,
  5. C Pierrot-Deseilligny
  1. Service de Neuroradiologie du CHNO des XV-XX, Paris, France.


    The frontal eye field and parietal eye field are known to be involved during visually guided saccades. As the location of the human parietal eye field is not yet well known, functional MRI was used during such a saccade task to better localise this field. Besides activity in visual areas of the occipital cortex, bilateral activity was seen in the precentral sulcus, corresponding to the frontal eye field, and in the deep region of the intraparietal sulcus. It is suggested that this intraparietal area, bordering areas 39 and 40 of Brodmann, corresponds to the human parietal eye field.

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