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Vinorelbine neurotoxicity: clinical and neurophysiological findings in 23 patients.
  1. A Pace,
  2. L Bove,
  3. C Nisticò,
  4. M Ranuzzi,
  5. P Innocenti,
  6. A Pietrangeli,
  7. E Terzoli,
  8. B Jandolo
  1. Neurology Service, Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy.


    Vinorelbine (5'-noranhydrovinblastine) is a new semisynthetic antineoplastic vinca alkaloid which interfers with axonal transport, inducing spiralisation of axonal microtubules and resulting in peripheral neurotoxicity. A prospective detailed neurological and electrophysiological evaluation was performed in 23 patients treated with 25 mg vinorelbine a week. All patients developed a sensory-motor distal symmetric axonal neuropathy. The neurotoxicity increased with cumulative vinorelbine doses and peripheral neuropathy was mild or moderate in most patients. After discontinuation of vinorelbine treatment, neuropathic signs and symptoms were partially reversible.

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