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Concise Text of Neuroscience.

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    Concise Text of Neuroscience. Edited byrobert e kingsley. (Pp 564 £29.95). Published by Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore 1996. ISBN 0-683-04621-7.

    In his introduction to this book the author states that the primary purpose is to provide an integrated approach for medical students of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neurology. This is clearly an ambitious aim which by and large he has succeeded in achieving. The basis of the success of the book is that it does not attempt to be comprehensive and is written with a practical clarity. In addition the chapters are sensibly structured and extremely well illustrated.

    Unfortunately, the emphasis on neuroanatomy and physiology neglects neuropathology. This is surprising as neuropathology can provide a bridge between the primary neurosciences and clinical neurology. Furthermore, the neurology sections at the end of certain chapters could benefit from limited expansion. For example, the chapter on cerebral cortex would be enhanced by a more detailed approach to the dementias which by their nature highlight the association between anatomy, function and pathology.

    In a sense this book is ahead of its time as its unitary approach to neuroscience is in contrast to the discrete and modular teaching of neurophysiology and anatomy. None the less I found the book surprisingly readable and I would expect it to be well received by both medical students and junior doctors with a developing interest in neurology.