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What patients and their carers want from neurological services
  1. Mary Baker
  1. Parkinson’s disease Society, 22 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1 0RA, UK

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    People in the United Kingdom who are now aged about 40 or more expected that they had been born into a welfare state that would take care of them from the cradle to the grave. However, the legislative changes introduced by the Thatcher government has transferred the responsibility for that care to our families and our communities and away from the state.

    The voluntary sector has also changed. At the beginning of this century, “the Charities” took money in from the great and the good, and disbursed it through a series of committees, using value judgments and their perceptions of what people ought to receive. That is not the case today. The voluntary organisations, as they are now called, exist to bring to the forum what their “customers”—and I use that word deliberately—really want—and if they do not do that then it is hard to understand why they exist!

    Dr Perkin’s article draws attention to the impact of the predicted demographic changes. Today we have 10 million people over the age of …

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