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Myasthenia Gravis.

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    Myasthenia Gravis. By hjgh oosterhuis. (Pp 252 DG60). Groningen: Groningen Neurological Press, 1997. ISBN 90-9010600-6.

    Oosterhuis is a well known figure in the world of myasthenia gravis, has published extensively on the subject, and clearly has accumulated the depth of experience on the subject that only comes with time. However, this book is not simply a review of the subject but a very personal account of the years he has spent managing 800 patients with the disease in his native Holland. It is a delightful read from the historical aspects, which are so important to understand the therapeutic options and relative benefits in contemporary medicine to the explanation of differential diagnosis. Also he covers in succinct detail the epidemiology of myasthenia and reviews the diagnostic criteria and tests, as well as the treatments now available for this condition which is the archetypal immunologically mediated neurological disease. The book is extremely well illustrated with historical and clinical photographs and diagrammatic representations of disease course with relation to different serological and clinical indices. If there was any criticism to be levelled at this book it would be that the frequency of spelling mistakes and typos can be a little irritating, but then I am sure my Dutch would be worse. I would recommend anyone who has a specific interest in myasthenia or indeed those who are likely to come across the disease in clinical practice to acquire this book, they will not regret it and it will continue to be a relevant clinical guide for many years.

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