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Clinical Neurology-Parkinsonism.

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    Clinical Neurology-Parkinsonism.Edited by N P Quinn. (Pp 225, £30.00). Published by Harcourt Brace and Co, Sidcup, Kent, 1997. ISBN 0-7020-2309-4.

    Currently the most exciting new developments in Parkinson’s disease relate to the genetics and role of α-synuclein in the pathogenesis of this disorder, and the resurgence of neurosurgery that dominates new management strategies. These areas are therefore well covered in this book which (like others in this series) is a well structured and topical review of, in this case, Parkinsonism. However, unlike previous volumes, abstracts are now provided along with a reference list in which the key articles are highlighted. This is a useful addition as it not only lays out the structure of the chapter, but allows the interested reader to supplement their understanding by the acquisition of a few essential source articles.

    The book opens with a chapter on the clinical features of Parkinson’s disease (Quinn) which is supplemented later on by chapters on other parkinsonian syndromes, including multiple …

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