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Rehabilitation of the Physically disabled Adult.

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    Rehabilitation of the Physically disabled Adult. Second edition. Edited byc john goodwill, m anne chamberlain, and chris evans. (Pp 832, £42.50). Published by Stanley Thornes, Cheltenham, 1997. ISBN0-7487-3183-0.

    It is not often that I buy a textbook but 10 years ago I bought the first edition of this book. Not only has it been a valuable source of reference but also a useful book to lend to those interested in a career in rehabilitation medicine. This second edition clearly delineates the broad field which now comprises the specialty of rehabilitation medicine. The comprehensive curriculum for trainees produced by the Royal College of Physicians puts this book at the top of the reading list.

    An informal survey of six specialist registrars in rehabilitation medicine disclosed that all six had used this book at some time in their training. Enthusiasm for the book was greatest among trainees in their first two years of training with enthusiasm declining with increasing knowledge of the specialty, with the more experienced trainees preferring more specialised texts. Two of the six specialist registrars had already looked at the new edition and found it useful and the only criticism on content was the lack of information on sexuality in the disability which I agree is an omission.

    My main criticism is that the presentation of the text seems old fashioned if it is compared with other newer text books such as those in rheumatology. I also noted in my copy at the end of the chapter on rarer neurological conditions that some of the references had obviously been missed out during the printing and an extra paper had had to be stuck in which rather spoilt the overall feel of the book.

    Despite these minor criticisms I think this is an excellent book to be recommended to all trainees and those associated with the field of rehabilitation medicine. I would certainly have bought this addition too if I had not been kindly given this copy to review.

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