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Immunological and Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves.

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    Immunological and Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves. Edited bynorman latov, john h j wokke, and john j kelly. (£95.00, US$145.00 (HB)). Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1998. ISBN 0-521-46265-7.

    There are two parallel strands to the development of our understanding of immune mediated disorders of peripheral nerve. The first grew from the demonstration in the 1950s, by Waksman and Adams, that rabbits immunised with homologous sciatic nerve and adjuvant developed an inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy. In this model, experimental allergic neuritis, the CSF characteristically shows a raised protein concentration and a paucity of cells. These findings replicated those of Guillain-Barré and Strohl on the CSF abnormalities …

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