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CD-ROM REVIEW, Temporal Bone Dissector

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    CD-ROM REVIEW, Temporal Bone Dissector. The Interactive Otology Reference. By nikolas h blevins, robert k jackler, and christine gralapp. (£187.00). Published by Mosby, St Louis, 1997. ISBN 0-8151-4850-X.

    The advances of medicine in the past two decades have been very rapid and exciting and hand in hand with this has gone advances in audiovisual aids and teaching. The technology that has brought the computer into most households has been truly amazing particularly for those of us who lived before the birth of the computer. This has led to a revolution in information technology and inter-communication. The world now seems a very small place, the Internet and the World Wide Web has ensured that this is the case but it has also led to the instant availability of a vast sea of knowledge about all aspects of life.

    There are now …

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