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An Atlas of Multiple Sclerosis

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    An Atlas of Multiple Sclerosis. Edited by Charles M Poser. (Pp 134, £48.00/$85.00). Published by Parthenon Publishing, Carnforth 1998. ISBN 1-85070-946-7.

    This book, after a short introduction to some of the fundamental features of the disease goes on to provide some 117 illustrations of aspects of the disease from Cruveihier’s plates to histopathological specimens and also a heavy leaning to imaging particularly magnetic resonance scanning, as might be expected. There is no doubting the aesthetic impact of this short book. In addition, the fact that these illustrations emanate from a well established figure in the multiple sclerosis world and are likely to be a representative set of personal teaching slides from a successful academic career all vouch for the provenance and informative nature of the atlas. However the place of such a book within a neurologist’s library has to be questioned. There are a plethora of high quality textbooks devoted to all aspects of multiple sclerosis, all well illustrated and most in colour. They provide in depth analysis of all aspects of the disease and although their illustrations tend to be smaller this is where I would choose to put my money. It may be that the circulation of this book will be higher than expected as it is likely to be a popular choice for some pharmaceutical companies.