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Echoenhancers and Transcranial Color Duplex Sonography

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    Echoenhancers and Transcranial Color Duplex Sonography. Edited by ulrich bogdahn, georg becker, and felix schlachetzki. (Pp 420). Published by Blackwell Science, Oxford 1998. ISBN 0-632-04856-5.

    Transcranial colour duplex sonography is an ultrasound technique which is becoming increasingly available for the non-invasive imaging of intracranial structures, particularly the basal cerebral arteries. There are now four principal components to the technique: B mode ultrasound which can be used to image the brain parenchyma; colour coded Doppler which provides a colour image of the basal vessels; spectral analysis of pulsed wave Doppler which is used to derive blood flow velocities; and latterly “power” Doppler which is also used for vascular imaging following analysis …

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