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Spinal Cord Diseases-Diagnosis and Treatment

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    Spinal Cord Diseases-Diagnosis and Treatment. Edited by gordon l engler, jonathan cole, and w louis merton. (Pp 675, US$195). Published by Marcel Dekker, New York, 1998. ISBN0-8247-9489-3.

    This is volume 47 of a series entitledNeurological Disease and Therapy, series editor W C Koller. This volume is edited by an American surgeon and two British neurophysiologists. Most of the 45 contributors are American or British, almost half of whom, including Dr Cole, are from Southampton. The book begins with a pathophysiological introduction setting the scene for the five main disease sections covering developmental/genetic disease, spinal injury, infection, tumour, and the effect of neurological and systemic disease on the spinal cord. This chapter covers a wide area from multiple sclerosis to motor neuron disease to vascular disease …

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