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Activation of the left motor cortex during left leg movements after right central resection
  1. H Gregor Wiesera,
  2. Katharina Henkea,c,
  3. Dominik Zumstega,
  4. Ethan Taubb,
  5. Yasuhiro Yonekawab,
  6. Alfred Buckc
  1. aDepartment of Neurology, bDepartment of Neurosurgery, cDepartment of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  1. Professor Heinz Gregor Wieser, Neurologische Klinik, Abteilung Epileptologie & EEG, Universitätsspital, CH- 8091 Zürich, Switzerland. Telephone 0041 1 255 55 30; fax 0041 1 255 44 29; email hgwepi{at}


A patient with Rasmussen’s encephalitis underwent a right central resection at the age of 6 as a treatment for status epilepticus. She became seizure free, but suffered a left hemiplegia which improved so that she could walk. Because of the recurrence of seizures an enlargement of the resection to a hemispherectomy was carried out 17 years after the first operation. Various examinations, including H2 15O PET and amytal testing, performed before this second operation indicated that a compensatory reinforcement of the ipsilateral uncrossed corticospinal and spinocortical pathways had taken place. This was confirmed postoperatively. The patient had no new sensorimotor deficits.

  • hemispherectomy
  • functional plasticity
  • H2 15O PET
  • Rasmussen’s encephalitis

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