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K Sudo, N Fujiki, S Tsuji, M Ajiki, T Higashi, M Niino, S Kikuchi, F Moriwaka, K Tashiro.

Focal (segmental) dyshidrosis in syringomyelia.J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry1999;67:106-8. During the editorial process the footnote to table 1(p 107) was wrongly transcribed.The last line—¶p value for each pair of items: hyperhydrosisv hyperhydrosis 0.0007; hypohydrosisv normohydrosis 0.7282; normohydrosisv hypohydrosis 0.0012 should read—¶p value for each pair of items: hyperhydrosis vhypohydrosis 0.0007; hyperhydrosis vnormohydrosis 0.7282; normohydrosis vhypohydrosis 0.0012

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