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MRI of the Brain. Normal Anatomy and Normal Variants

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    MRI of the Brain. Normal Anatomy and Normal Variants. Edited by pateland friedman. (Pp 480, £61.00) Published by W B Saunders Co, London, 1997. ISBN 0-7216-6945-X.

    This book presents the normal anatomy of the brain as seen on MRI studies in a very didactic, well presented, and novel manner. Images are well chosen, and are of high quality. The authors also attempt to relate some of the anatomical structures to their functions and damage of relevant areas to disease processes. The book reflects the hard work and dedication of the authors in pursuing a good radiological-anatomical correlation, something which although being crucial for neuroradiology, is sometimes forgotten or taken for granted!

    The book is divided in 19 chapters, 18 of them covering different anatomical regions of the brain. The last chapter presents some anatomical variants, as well as pitfalls on MRI, which should not be confounded with real lesions. In general, the book will be useful for the training neuroradiologist, and also for all of us dealing with neuroradiology and MRI and having to exercise our anatomical knowledge on a daily basis! Although the authors base the book's structure on classic anatomy, sometimes putting too much emphasis on anatomical classifications that may not be too useful for neuroradiologists nowadays, it results quite enjoyable, easy to read, and a useful teaching tool to have.

    Those chapters dealing with the vascular anatomy on MRA are specially useful, in my opinion, since MRA is playing an increasingly more important role in neuroradiology, replacing conventional angiography for many clinical indications.

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