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Sleep Disorders and Neurological Disease.

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    Sleep Disorders and Neurological Disease. Edited by antonio culebras. (Pp 422). Published by Marcel Dekker, New York, 2000. ISBN 0-8247-7605-4.

    This is the best handbook of sleep disorders in neurology that I know. It gives clear as well as comprehensive information about the many and common sleep problems that accompany neurological illness. The text is well organised with chapters on sleep symptoms such as insomnia as well as sleep disorders in conditions such as multiple sclerosis and migraine. The forward spells it out - “the British never seem to get bored of discussions about the weather, whilst Americans are equally prepared to discourse about their own sleep patterns”. This is fair comment on the cottage industry state of United Kingdom sleep medicine versus the GB (Giga-buck) values of the United States. Indeed, we owe much of what we know about sleep to …

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