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Surface Anatomy for Clinical Needle Electromyography.

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    Surface Anatomy for Clinical Needle Electromyography. Edited byhang j lee and joel a delisa. (Pp233, $42.95). Published by Demos Medical Publishing, New York, 1999. ISBN1-888799-41-2.

    An up to date atlas of surface anatomy for electromyography is often useful for someone in training and also remains useful on those occasions when an unusual muscle is to be sampled, and some of the relevant details need to be rekindled. There are one or two old atlases which are no longer in print and this book by Hang and DeLisa provides a useful replacement for these. It is the right size to be handled in a busy clinic and is well laid out, covering the hand and upper limb, the lower limb and trunk and pelvis, and head and neck. Information about positioning the patient, inserting the needle, and activating the muscle are provided with notes on innervation and anatomy.

    My only reservation is the style of the drawings, which are not always very clear. This is a major failing, unfortunately, particularly when this atlas is compared with one or two of its older rivals. For supervised training or occasional reference, however, I am sure this atlas will remain helpful.