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Characteristics of falling in patients with stroke
  1. Cahit Ugur,
  2. Demet Gücüyener,
  3. Nevzat Uzuner,
  4. Serhat Özkan,
  5. Gazi Özdemir
  1. Osmangazi University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Meselik Campus, 26480 Eskişehir, Turkey
  1. Dr Demet GücüyenerDemetg{at}


OBJECTIVE To identify the risk factors for falling after stroke, to establish the relation with lesion localisation, and to evaluate the incidence of falling.

METHODS The falling history and the mood of 293 patients with stroke were investigated by a standard questionnaire. Other information (time since stroke, risk factors, and CT) about patients was obtained from their hospital records.

RESULTS Increasing age, depression, and heart disease were significant risk factors for falling (heart disease had a negative influence). A right hemispheric infarct was significantly more common among the falling group.

CONCLUSION This study suggests clues for possible modifications of the management of patients with stroke during the recovery period.

  • stroke
  • cerebrovascular disease
  • falling

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