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Neuroimaging: Clinical and Physical Principles.

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    Neuroimaging: Clinical and Physical Principles. Edited by ra zimmerman, wa gibby, and rf carmody. (Pp 1642, £124.00). Published by Springer-Verlag, New York, 2000. ISBN 0 387 94963 1.

    This large single volume textbook has almost 30 contributors. Many chapters are written by more than one person, but one of the editors has personally contributed almost a third of the text, including the first 11 chapters on “physical principles”: computed tomography (60 pages) and magnetic resonance imaging (350 pages). The remainder of the book is divided into four sections. “Clinical principles: normal anatomy and variants” consists of one chapter on “normal variations of the skull and its contents”, with 95 figures, but not a single skull radiograph or any reference to anomalies of the cerebral vasculature. There are 15 on “brain and skull”, rather heavily weighted towards children, which is perhaps not surprising given that the …

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