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    Stroke. Edited by martin m brown (Pp 576, £34.95). Published by the Royal Society of Medicine Press, London, 2000. ISBN 1 85315 457.

    The British Medical Bulletin, published quarterly, on behalf of the British Council, has a somewhat institutional ring to its title and a certain perversity in commencing, as this expert review does on page 275: “A bulletin (Italian; Bulletino) is a short official statement or periodical publication of a club.“ Professor Martin Brown, Scientific Editor, has “clubbed” together a wide choice of contributors from many disciplines though only one pathologist. The aim of this, the millennium publication, is to emphasis a British approach to cerebrovascular disorders through “the practical application of evidence based medicine combined with multidisciplinary management and rehabilitation”.

    Charles Wolfe kicks off with an excellent account on the socioeconomic impact of stroke; in particular drawing attention to both current primary …

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