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Update in neurology for general practitioners

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    Update in neurology for general practitioners. By p orton, d bateman, g fuller, p newman, d park, r shakir, and g young. (Pp 218 + 2 CD—ROM, £80.00) Published by University of Bath/British and Spine Foundatain/Royal College of General Practitioner's, Bath, 2000.

    The seven authors of this text are to be congratulated on their innovative approach and the freshness they bring to the evaluation of the common neurological problems encountered in primary care. This text and the two accompanying CD ROMs represent a cooperative venture between the British Brain and Spine Foundation, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the University of Bath. The text addresses the commonly encountered problems of headache, sensory disturbance, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, confusion, movement disorders, fits and faints, and back, leg, and arm pain. The approach is a simple one—namely, a definition of the condition or conditions, who gets it? What causes it? How does …

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