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Rehabilitation of visual disorders after brain injury

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    Rehabilitation of visual disorders after brain injury. By j zihl(Pp 187, £29.95, Published by Psychology Press, Hove, 2000. ISBN 0 86377 898 4.

    This is the second series on neuropsychological rehabilitation fostered by Barbara Wilson and Ian Robertson (the first beingNeural repair, transplantation, and rehabilitation by R Barker and S Dunnett). The renewed interest is welcome. Josef Zihl is one of the first clinical scientists, together with collaborators such as von Cramon, to have put a concentrated effort into rehabilitation of visual disorders, spanning a period of 2 decades. Much of this pioneering work lies in Germany, stemming from an older tradition going back to Poppelreuter, and the current book should make the developments better known outside that country. It …

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