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Headache in primary care.

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    Headache in primary care. By sd silberstein, rb lipton, pj goadsby,and rt smith (Pp 192, £29.95). Published by Isis Medical Media, Oxford, 1999. ISBN 1-901865-66-5.

    A wide range of textbooks are now available on the topic of headache, ranging from short notes of 40 or 50 pages up to encyclopaedic tomes. This book falls into the middle of the range, being an easy read of 165 pages.

    The work is divided into three broad categories: (1) pathophysiology and epidemiology of headache, (2) primary headache disorders, and (3) secondary headache disorders.

    In the first section, the starting point is the International Headache Society (IHS) classification but the bridge to the clinical approach to patients is …

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