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Dementia as a complication of schizophrenia
  1. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, PKH/B-Building, Baumgartner Hoehe 1, A-1140 Vienna, Austria

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    De Vries et al 1 suggested that dementia in schizophrenia seems to be a real entity with neuropsychological signature similar to that of frontotemporal dementia. This was based on clinical data in eight patients with chronic schizophrenia aged 28 to 64 years presenting with cognitive impairment and evidence of a dementia syndrome not sufficiently explained by their schizophrenic symptoms, However, except for frontal or temporal hypoperfusion on SPECT, they found no characteristic structural imaging abnormalities and, in accordance with Harrison,2 concluded that dementia in elderly schizophrenic patients shows no evidence of any known …

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