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Anton Freiherr von Eiselsberg (1860–1939)
  1. L F Hass

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Eiselsberg, a pupil of Billroth, was for many years professor of surgery at Vienna, where he was long recognised as the leader in neurosurgery in Austria and a bold and skilful operator. He was the first to notice tetany after surgery for goitre (1890), and he produced tetany experimentally (1892) by excising a cat's thyroid and transplanting it into the abdominal wall. Eiselsberg was a prominent worker in pituitary surgery. He resected spinal tumours and studied the early treatment of the handicapped. In 1939 when aged 79 he was killed in a train accident.

He was honoured on the 100th year of his birth by a stamp issued by Austria in 1960 (Stanley Gibbons 1355, Scott 653).

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