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Multiple sclerosis: the guide to treatment and management, 5th edition
  1. C P Hawkins

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    Edited by C H Polman, A J Thompson, T J Murray, et al (Pp 148, £24.95). Demos Medical Publishing, New York, 2001. ISBN 1 888799 54 4

    This book is a welcome addition to the multiple sclerosis literature. It is regularly updated and is reasonably comprehensive with regard to its small size. Most treatment areas are covered and in particular the disease modifying drugs are detailed. A particular advantage of the book is the regular review section expressing the opinion of the medical committee of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. Although the committee's views are relatively conservative as might be expected from a committee decision, the conclusions are sensible and tend to encourage further research in certain treatment areas. There is a very welcome review of symptomatic treatments and rehabilitation. There is also a section on alternative and complementary therapies. The reviewer had some difficulty with the difference between conventional and alternative. For example, it seemed unusual to include thalamotomy and thalamic stimulation for tremor in multiple sclerosis in the alternative therapy section. However as an overview of possible therapies it was considered an important section of the book. Overall this publication will allow a rapid update and assimilation of present wisdom in treating multiple sclerosis from editors of international standing and an international committee of high repute. It should be useful for clinicians as well as paraclinical specialists and also to a certain extent patients with the disease.