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Josef Brudzinski (1874–1917)
  1. L F Haas

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    Joseph Brudzinski was a Polish physician who graduated from Moscow in 1897 and specialised in paediatrics. He subsequently became interested in abnormal reflexes associated with meningitis. After performing animal experiments he came to the conclusion that the neurological signs in meningitis were due to irritation of the posterior nerve roots, changes in intracranial pressure, alteration of the circulation within the brain and increased muscle tone. He is remembered eponymically for Brudinzki's signs, of which there are four; his “nape of the neck” sign is best known. No studies subsequent to his original report have evaluated Brudinski's signs. Most of the signs were described in patients who had tuberculous meningitis.

    Philatelically a postcard issued by Poland in 1970 honoured him.


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