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The year in neurology 2001
  1. Peter Newman

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    Edited by Massimo Feliciani, Thomas Warner, Niall Quinn, Anette Schrag, Matthew Walker, Simon Lovestone, and John Zajicek (Pp 320, £49.50). Published by Clinical Publishing Services, Oxford, 2001. ISBN 0-953-7339-55

    This book succinctly reviews a selection of papers published during 1999 and 2000 on cervical dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. A respected authority comments on each one. The editors plan to rotate other topics in future years and wish to help clinicians keep abreast of developments outside of their special field, with the emphasis on conditions that are likely to be seen in general neurology clinics.

    This is a well tried format that is familiar from the long lived Mosby Yearbook of neurology & neurosurgery, Current opinion in neurology, Journal watch neurology, and various publications produced and distributed with support from the pharmaceutical industry. Do we need another? When I obtained the current Mosby Yearbook (2000) from the BMA library for purposes of comparison, I was astounded to note that I was the first reader of that copy. However, I can report that The year in neurology is informative, the selection is thoughtful, and the commentaries are pertinent and instructive.

    Reviewing this book in January 2002, I would have preferred to be reading summaries of papers from 2001 although, to be fair, most are of 2000 vintage and not 1999. Its journal club structure needs to be contemporary and some of the articles are now a little dated. A cheaper paperback version would be welcome. An electronic form may allow more rapid turnover. Nevertheless, most neurologists dipping into it would find plenty of interest therein and certainly emerge more knowledgeable.

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