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Primary progressive multiple sclerosis
  1. Omar Malik

    Statistics from

    Edited by M Filippi and G Comi (Pp 128, EUR47.95). Published by Springer, Milan, 2002. ISBN 88-470-0167-6

    The field of multiple sclerosis (MS) is awash with literature on every aspect of the disease ranging from epidemiology and genetics to pathology and treatments. It is unusual, therefore, to find a lacuna in this niche but this book seems to have found one.

    Primary progressive multiple sclerosis is written to encapsulate the latest evidence on aspects of this condition, which until recently was not regarded as important in understanding demyelinating disease. Filippi and Como have brought together all the important players in the study of primary progressive MS. Their contributions summarise the latest information on the epidemiology, genetics, immunology, pathology, imaging, and clinical trials and therapies in primary progressive MS. This book is meant to be a useful guide to the subject and does not profess to be an authoritative account. However, it occasionally is a little too brief in its explanations and definitely lacks pictures, tables, and diagrams in the early part of the book. This makes it a rather bland and dry account initially. When the diagrams and scanned images do appear in the latter parts of the book, many of them lack definition and it is not always easy to see the details that are being referred to.

    All in all this is a good up to date summary of the latest news in primary progressive MS and in particular the imaging aspects of the disease, as would be expected from the interests of the editors. It would be a useful adjunct to other literature for those working in the field of demyelinating disease.

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