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Magnetic resonance imaging in dementia
  1. Jonathon Schott,
  2. Nick Fox,
  3. Adam Waldman

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    By J Valk, F Barkhof and P Scheltens (Pp 353; £129.50). Published by Springer, Heidelberg, 2002. ISBN 3 540 41731 1

    This lavishly illustrated book provides a lucid and up to date account of magnetic resonance in the dementias. It is a timely as well as an informative book. Dementia represents an epidemic of staggering proportions for countries with ageing populations: almost 20% of those over the age of 80 years have dementia. Neurologists, psychiatrists, and neuroradiologists will increasingly be involved in the investigation of dementia and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will …

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