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  1. Ian Bone,
  2. Geraint Fuller
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 Dr GN Fuller, Department of neurology, Gloucester Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester GL1 3NN, UK;

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Neurogenetics would barely have figured in the training curriculum, had one existed, 20 years ago and such specialist clinics were almost unknown. Now it constitutes a significant part of the curriculum and neurology trainees are expected to attend neurogenetics clinics as part of their training. Access to neurogenetics clinics varies across the country and frequently they will focus on one group of disorders. The National Hospital for Neurology and the Institute of Neurology have an outstanding reputation for their clinical and scientific work in neurogenetics.

In this supplement we aim to give all trainees an opportunity to “visit”, virtually if not actually, these clinics. In place of our usual route map, Mike Hanna and Nick Wood give an overview of running a neurogenetics service. M Placzek and Tom Warner provide a primer on basic genetics to allow the genetically naïve to make sense of it all. Mary Reilly and Mike Hanna provide insights from their neuromuscular clinic, Paul Jarman and Nick Wood the movement disorders and ataxia clinic, Jonathan Schott, Nick Fox, and Martin Rosser the dementia clinic, and Dimitri Kullman the epilepsy clinic. Miratul Muqit provides a review of useful genetic sites on the internet.

We are very grateful to Mike Hanna and Nick Wood for their advice on the content and planning of this supplement.

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