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Psychopathology in people with epilepsy and intellectual disability
  1. F M C Besag
  1. Bedfordshire and Luton Community NHS Trust, Bedford MK41 6AT, UK and Centre for Epilepsy, The Maudsley Hospital, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Professor Frank M C Besag;

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Both behavioural and psychiatric disorders are common in people with learning disability and epilepsy

From the time of the Isle of Wight study1 it became evident that children with epilepsy who also had other brain problems had a high rate of behavioural disturbance. Although there is a lack of good epidemiological studies of behavioural/psychiatric disorders in adults with epilepsy and learning disability (intellectual disability, mental retardation), it appears that such disorders are common.2,3 Any serious attempt to determine the factors responsible for these associations is to be welcomed. The paper by Espie et al on p 0004 is in this category and the authors are to …

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