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Psychiatric and cognitive disorders in Parkinson’s disease
  1. I Hegeman Richard

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    Edited by Sergio E Starkstein and Marcelo Merello. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002, pp 160, £47.50. ISBN 0-521-66305-9

    This comprehensive account of the common (but frequently overlooked and under treated) emotional and cognitive aspects of Parkinson’s disease is thoughtfully organised and well written. The two authors have presented their material in a consistent manner, free from the difficulties (for example, redundancy) often associated with multiauthored texts. Tables and illustrative clinical vignettes are helpful. References are up to date and thorough. In general, the book is well edited (although the two figures demonstrating the cortico-subcortical connections need revision). The text itself is less than 200 pages and is relatively easy to read in its entirety, but each chapter can stand alone.

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