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Félix Guyon 1831–1920
  1. L F Haas

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    Guyon was a native of the Island of Réunion. He emigrated to France, studied medicine in Paris, and became a surgeon at Hôpital Necker and professor of genitourinary surgery in Paris. Guyon was an outstanding urologist and a pioneer in prostatectomy and cystoscopy.

    In 1861 Guyon presented a paper on the hand to the Anatomical Society in Paris. This was published in the bulletin of the society, entitled “A note of an anatomical arrangement specific to the anterior aspect of the wrist not previously described”1 Given the date of the publication and the initial of the author, one can only conclude that this was Félix Guyon of urological fame. In his paper Guyon describes “une petite loge intra-aponévrotique”. The groove or tunnel formed between the pisiform and the hamate and ligaments is now eponymously known as Guyon’s canal and the findings associated with ulnar nerve entrapment at this site Guyon’s syndrome. In 1979 Guyon was honoured on a stamp issued by France on the occasion of the 18th Congress of International Society of Urologists, in Paris. He is portrayed with catheters (Stanley Gibbons no 2323, Scott no 1652.) Réunion also issued his stamp, but it was never sold.

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