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Management of stroke: a practical guide for the prevention, evaluation and treatment of acute stroke, 2nd edition
  1. Z E Brown,
  2. M M Brown

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    Edited by Harold P Adams, Gregory J del Zoppo, and Rudiger von Kummer (Pp 303, US$24.95). Published by Professional Communications Inc, Caddo, 2002. ISBN 1-884735-517

    This textbook exemplifies the recent and dramatic changes in the approach to the management of acute stroke. Whereas in the past stroke was seen as untreatable, this book sees stroke as an emergency warranting acute treatment. As the authors state in the introduction, “A positive attitude towards stroke is critical. Patients with cerebrovascular disease should be considered to have an illness that can be treated successfully.” This admirably emphasises the approach that sees stroke not as an untreatable “cerebrovascular accident” (a term that should be expunged from medical texts) but as a “brain attack”, a term the authors use to emphasis the need for rapid diagnosis and evaluation of acute suspected stroke.

    Despite giving the impression of being a brief guide, almost all aspects of emergency stroke treatment are covered, starting with organisation of stroke services and proceeding to diagnosis and emergency treatment. There is …

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