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Research and publishing in neurosurgery
  1. J Van Dellen

    Statistics from

    Edited by Y Kanpolay. Published by Springer-Verlag Wien, New York, 2002, pp 131, Hardback €76.00. ISBN 3-211-83821

    The book was planned to serve as an essential handbook and comprises a collection of articles, by different authors, presented as a training course in Turkey under the auspices of the Research Committee of the EANS. The articles are wide ranging, and there are both philosophical and reflective contributions, as well as focused and detailed papers, as would be expected from such an origin. There is very good broad advice to young researchers regarding aspects of preparing for presentation, research, and publishing. There are articles that can provide a starting point for initiating research in specific areas. When covering particular areas of research and relevant facets surrounding these, some of the articles are generic and others highly specific. In many cases it appears to reflect more an area of research in which the author is involved or experienced, and these are therefore narrow. In others there is a broader perspective and, although covering a specific topic, provide a more substantive platform. The references are detailed and strongly complement the text in most of the articles. The articles are easy to read and the structure and language are of a very good quality.

    It would be of value both to neurosurgical trainees and to neurosurgeons, either becoming involved or interested in research and publishing in neurosurgery. It will serve as a very useful reference book in a departmental library. Although not providing full information, as it obviously cannot, it provides a drawing board for development or initiation of research ideas.

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