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The epidemiology of schizophrenia
  1. A Munro

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    Edited by Robin M Murray, Peter B Jones, Ezra Susser, Jim van Os, and Mary Cannon. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2003, pp 445, £55.00 (hardback). ISBN 0-521-77540-X

    As a trainee in psychiatric epidemiology 40 years ago, I fervently wished for two things; firstly help to carry out endless statistical calculations and, secondly, a scientifically valid definition of schizophrenia. To a considerable extent computers have fulfilled the former wish. Sadly, neither they nor anything else has come close to achieving the latter, as the present volume repeatedly demonstrates.

    This book is well edited, on the whole well written, and its contributors are eminent in their field. It is impressive in the width of its coverage and it provides a good overview …

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