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Neurosyphilis with complex partial status epilepticus and mesiotemporal MRI abnormalities mimicking herpes simplex encephalitis
  1. E Marano,
  2. F Briganti,
  3. F Tortora,
  4. A Elefante,
  5. A De Rosa,
  6. F Maiuri,
  7. A Filla
  1. Department of Neurological Sciences, Federico II University of Naples, S Pansini, 5 80131 Naples, Italy;

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    A 48 year old man suffered a 9 h dreamy state with automatisms. The neurological examination revealed disinhibited behaviour, a positive Romberg sign, and absent abdominal and weak tendon reflexes. Neuropsychological examination showed a selective reduction of short term spatial memory. A brain MRI performed after 2 weeks showed a prevalently cortical lesion in the right temporal and basal frontal lobes, which was slight hypointense in T1 weighted images and hyperintense in DP and T2 weighted images (fig 1), without …

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