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Intraventricular assessment of preoperative electrographic recordings
  1. O H Jiménez1,
  2. N Nagore2
  1. 1Dept Neurosurgery, Hospital General “Dr. Miguel Silva”, Secretaría de, Salud de Michoacán, Mexico
  2. 2Dept Neurosurgery, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidago, Morelia, Michóacán, CP 58000, Mexico
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr O Jimenez

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The paper by Song et al1 describes the placement of intraventricular arrays with endoscopic assistance for preoperative electrographic recordings for epilepsy surgery. The 4.2 mm external diameter rigid endoscope was introduced up to the temporal ostium from where the arrays were advanced until a point of resistance was felt.

In our paper2 we reported the use of a 1.2 mm outer diameter semirigid endoscope to explore the contents of the ventricles prior to electrode placement, with direct visual assessment of the final electrode position, which helped us obtain appropriate pre-resection electrographic recordings. Perhaps it would be more convenient to use semirigid endoscopes or slim fibrescopes to fully visualise the ventricle as well as flexible arrays to avoid electrode displacement resulting in unintentional cerebral lesions.