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Disorders of neuronal migration
  1. B Neville

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    Peter G Barth, ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2003, pp 194, $45.00 (hardback). ISBN 1-898-68331-X

    This is an excellent, concise book that is written by the leaders in this rapidly growing subject. Peter Barth is to be congratulated on producing such a helpful and timely volume.

    The book is written from the perspective of a clinician who wants to understand the relevance of the latest embryological, genetic, magnetic resonance, and experimental data on migration disorders and it is of particular relevance to paediatric neuroscience.

    For example, the chapter on morphogenesis of the human cerebral cortex by Cainess, Takahashi, and Nowakawski, makes regular reference to important pathological mechanisms while describing normal development in a way that is most refreshing. The account of Lissencephaly by Dobyns and Leventer is masterly. There are also very nice summaries of the role of excitotoxic damage by Gressens, Barkovich, and Evrard, and of fetal disruption by Peter Barth.

    It is not possible for a book of this size so well referenced to be clinically comprehensive and I think that that is reasonable recognising the imperative of providing good information on genetics, neuroradiology, and pathology. I think, therefore, that it is essential reading for those concerned with developmental and paediatric neuroscience.