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The neuropathology of dementia, 2nd edition
  1. L F Haas

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    Edited by M Esiri, M-Y Lee, J Q Trojanowski. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2004, £195.00, pp 563. ISBN 0-5218-1915-6

    Inspecting the hardcover graphics of this new edition your reviewer was startled to find blazoned his comments on the previous, and first, edition to encourage your purchase. It is therefore clear that I am a supporter of this enterprise in principle – though modesty will prevail and I will not flaunt my prescience in remarking on the desirability of this latest, and any subsequent, redrafting.

    I regret that this review will not take the form of a direct comparison between the present and previous editions since my recollection of the former is based on a fading and rose-tinted affection, rather than direct consultation with the source material. Obsessionality is a professional hazard in neuropathology—either acquired or innate—but in my case it does not extend to detailed record keeping of book loans. …

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    • The author of the book "The neuropathology of dementia, 2nd edition" is incorrectly listed in the book review as L F Haas. The correct author should read: Paul G Ince.

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