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Essential Neurosurgery, 4th edition
  1. P Richards

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    Edited by Andrew H Kaye. Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford2005, £29.95 (softcover), pp 297. ISBN 1405116412

    This is a short running textbook running to 280 pages of narrative on the basic principles of neurosurgery written by a Professor of neurosurgery in Melbourne. The author indicates that the book describes his own practice, which he describes as the best from the differing North American and European approaches, incorporating some of the unique advances and philosophies of the Asia Pacific Rim region.

    It is a nicely laid out and well written book. It covers all the basic aspects of neurosurgery and someone who reads it from cover to cover will have a good basic grounding in the speciality. I would recommend it to anyone just about to take up an SHO post in neurosurgery and would also advise career neurologists to read it early in their career, to give them a sense of what their neurosurgical colleagues will be up to. Keen medical students who wish to inform themselves well about neurosurgery would also benefit from reading it, although, given the short time that students are exposed to neurosciences nowadays, they may consider it too detailed for the basic level of knowledge they are expected to acquire. I think neurosurgical registrars should already be familiar with the concepts outlined in the book before they start their training.

    I suppose it is a sad reflection on our times that I attended a meeting recently with a medical negligence lawyer who was carrying a copy of the second edition of Professor Kaye’s book. This is another category of potential purchasers, to whom the third edition can be recommended.

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