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Clinicopathological concordance and discordance in three monozygotic twin pairs with familial Alzheimer’s disease
  1. Philip Scheltens
  1. Professor Philip Scheltens, Department of Neurology Academisch Ziekenhuis VU PO Box 7057, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; p.scheltens{at}

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In monozygotic twin pairs with Alzheimer’s disease, a high concordance of neuritic plaque and tangle pathology was found but differences in age of onset, duration of disease, apo E status and development of symptoms in the course of the disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is on its way to becoming the most frequent neurological disorder globally, with a staggering 81 million affected individuals expected in 2050.1 The cause of AD is still largely unknown although the role of amyloid beta in the form of soluble oligomers or aggregated in the form of neuritic …

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