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Loss of exploratory vertical saccades after unilateral frontal eye field damage
  1. T Pflugshaupt,
  2. T Nyffeler,
  3. R von Wartburg,
  4. C W Hess,
  5. R M Müri
  1. Perception & Eye Movement Laboratory, Departments of Neurology and Clinical Research, University Hospital, 3010 Bern, Switzerland
  1. Prof Dr René M Müri, Department of Neurology, Inselspital, 3010 Bern, Switzerland; rene.mueri{at}


Despite their relevance for locomotion and social interaction in everyday situations, little is known about the cortical control of vertical saccades in humans. Results from microstimulation studies indicate that both frontal eye fields (FEFs) contribute to these eye movements. Here, we present a patient with a damaged right FEF, who hardly made vertical saccades during visual exploration. This finding suggests that, for the cortical control of exploratory vertical saccades, integrity of both FEFs is indeed important.

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