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Handbook of clinical neurology, vol 87 (3rd series) malformations of the nervous system
  1. P Satishchandra1,
  2. Thomas Mathew2
  1. 1
    NIMHANS, Bangalore, India
  2. 2
    St John's Medical College, Bangalore, India
  1. Dr P Satishchandra, Department of Neurology, NIMHANS, Bangalore 560029, India; psatish{at}nimhans/

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Edited by Harvey B Sarnat, Paolo Curatolo. . Published by Elsevier BV Amsterdam, 2008, pp 645. ISBN 978 0 444 51896 5

The 87th volume of the Handbook of clinical neurology, edited by Harvey Sarnat and Paolo Curtaolo, on “Malformations of the nervous system” gives the reader an excellent overview of human brain development and its malformations. It is divided into four sections: I–IV. Section I has 20 chapters dealing with classification and individual malformations, and section II has five chapters on comparative manifestations of central nervous system malformations. Section III with four chapters is dedicated to diagnostics, namely neuroimaging, clinical neurophysiology, molecular genetic testing, genetic counselling and neuropathology. Section IV has four chapters on management of these central nervous system malformations.

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