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Cortical oedema a link between delusional misidentification syndromes and hemiplegic migraine
  1. T Moreira1,
  2. A Menetrey1,
  3. A Carota1,2
  1. 1
    Neurology Service, CHUV University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. 2
    Hildebrand Clinic, Rehabilitation Centre, Brissago, Switzerland
  1. Correspondence to Dr A Carota, Clinica Hildebrand, Centro di riabilitazione, Brissago, Via Crodolo, CH6614, Brissago. Switzerland

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A 31yearold Portuguese woman MP developed a severe rightsided throbbing headache and behavioural changes over 23h. The headache was accompanied by nausea, photophobia, scintillating scotomas in the left visual field and paresthesia of the left hand. She progressively lost the ability to move the fingers of her left hand and her arm. She thought that her left upper limb had vanished and had been replaced by that of another person. She repeatedly asked her husband if there was someone else inside him. Her house and all its contents seemed foreign although she was unable to identify any concrete …

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